Boxing Day gathering of orphans in Njombe a big success!

The Kibena Women's Association, a partner organization of Highlands Hope, sponsored the first gathering of orphans in Njombe on Boxing Day, December 26, 2006.

Betty Liduke, chair of the Highlands Hope Consortium Nurse-Counselor Network and director of the TANWAT CTC, was an organizer and participant and she sends this email note:


It was a very wonderful day on 26th Dec to be with children - orphans and their friends. Children were very happy, singing and dancing.

Our guest of honour was the chairman of the NGOs here in Njombe. He said it is a very special day to him as this was the first time for this to happen in Njombe.

WE THANK GOD THAT HE MADE ALL OUR DREAMS TRUE. This day will be remembered and will be done yearly.


The Kibena Women's Association is supporting a number of orphans with financial help for their school fees, food and other necessities. A Montreal elementary school, St. George's in Westmount, has made a commitment to work with them in this important effort.