Major step forward for youth peer health education in Njombe

Our colleague Betty Liduke R.N. writes:

Dear all
Thanks for all your support you have been giving us.

I am attaching you the last accountabity, I am sure if you will need also the attendance lists of the participants.

We are doing also budget for finishing up the Three Schools which is remaining for CHAKUNIMU (UTELEWE, IMALINYI AND ULEMBWE). We are planining to train 30 students 10 from each school.

I hope I will be also involve to do another research to other primary school in Njombe; I thank God That the Town Council Goverment will sponsor it.

This is the great news!


The support of the Town Council is indeed great news. The Highlands Hope Umbrella has been working for more than two years on the Youth Peer Health Educator project, with an initial comprehensive awareness and knowledge survey undertaken by the community organization CHAKUNIMU and McGill University MSc (Nursing) student Ryan Lomenda and with training resources and sessions with materials and approaches developed by Betty Liduke and McGill nursing student Vesna Papuga.

Highland Hope Umbrella would like to thank the Town Council leaders for their interest and now their support to extend the youth peer health educator approach beyond the initial primary schools that we have focused on to date.

Anecdotally, the program is having a very positive effect on awareness in the schools where our younr peer health educators are present. With the McGill School of Nursing, we will be assessing the impact on two of these schools in September and October.