McGill nursing students arrive for next steps in partnership with Highlands Hope

McGill University School of Nursing M.Sc. students Kristin Gagnon and Ryan Lomenda arrived in Njombe for a full term of study as part of the ongoing relationship between McGill nurses and Highlands Hope.

Ms Gagnon will be focusing on Highlands Hope peer educators and a special project to create training and resources to allow peer educators to provide very basic first aid and care to HIV+ patients in remote village settings.

Mr Lomenda will undertake an evaluation of awareness and knowledge of HIV-AIDS among older primary school students in Njombe District.

Both students are working under the supervision of Betty Liduke R.N. and will also spend time in the Care and Treatment Centre of the TANWAT Company Hospital. Thanks are due to the Managing Director of TANWAT for his partnership and his welcome of the McGill students and to Njombe school authorities for their commitment to research into youth attitudes to HIV-AIDS.