PIUMA leaders demand support from local authorities to continue VCT services

PIUMA`s weekly report:
25/2/ - 1/3/2008.

On the 25. 2. 08 and 21.2., the committees sat together and discussed following topics:

Solidarity march:
In the discussion about the solidarity march, the budget issue was questioned because in the review of the previous march, we remember that the budget was prepared not well enough, we had money problems. We are afraid the budget will be finished too fast again, it should be prepared early enough.

Doing the solidarity march is very good, and we know that the budget for it would not be the same like our administrative one. If the budget is prepared very well, that the march could be really good and it would be easy.

The is hope for a big success for PIUMA marching into the villages:
- we can reach areas which PIUMA has not reached yet
- PIUMA could attract new members
- There can be teachings about HIV/ Aids and people can be tested
- People can decide if they are free to get counseling from the PIUMA`s
- Even PIUMA members can prove and test their health in this way

Nutrition program:
It was decided that we should be with an nutrition program, but without buying the grinding machine. The 1500 dollars of the Canadians should be used for the PIUMA`s building, as the will to finish it is very strong.

Choir project:
It was agreed, that we will go ahead with the choir- project, after getting the needed financial resources from Jackson. Then the training can start.

PIUMA VCT- Center:
PIUMA`s VCT- center was closed down because the nurses have been intimidated. We got a a letter from the doctor in charge of BLH (Bulongwa Lutheran Hospital), which said, that the VCT has to be closed because there is no staff and the leadership has left PIUMA, so they can not care for their patients properly.

The General Secretary and the Chairman are going to meet the District Coordinator for HIV/ AIDS to discuss this issue.


Witness Ngumba.