Bishop’s University students work with orphans and sing in the choir!

Hi everyone,

Things are getting busy here. I met with the Kibena Women's Association on Wednesday and we started to visit the families yesterday.

Some houses are fine and we see that the children are happy there, but it is harder in others. This is really a great experience and it's making us realize how privileged we really are.

On Sunday, two other choirs are coming to Kibena to spend the afternoon with the Kibena Youth Fellowship choir so Micah and I are learning the songs in Kiswahili so we can sing with the group. It's not easy but we are practicing everyday.

Here are 2 pictures so you can see what it looks like around here. The first one is a picture of Hope School and the second one is a picture taken from a village near by.

We hope everything is going well in Canada.

Lucie and Micah.