Care and Treatment Centre at TANWAT Hospital expands treatment program

The HIV Care and Treatment Centre (CTC) at TANWAT Hospital in Njombe continues its steady growth with a total of 113 clients counseled and tested between January 1 and March 31, 2007, according to Betty Liduke, Director of the TANWAT Hospital CTC.

Of these 113 new clients, 67 were found to be HIV positive: 33 males and 34 females.

46 were HIV negative: male 24 and female 22

The TANWAT CTC also provided 159 CD4 count tests during the same period and 134 liver function tests to track the health and monitor the anti-retroviral therapies (ARVs) being offered.

To date, there are 182 enrolled clients at the TANWAT CTC with 102 on ARVs. The target has now been set to reach the 300 client mark.

The TANWAT CTC is also working closely with the regional HIV coordinating NGO, FHI, providing valuable information about local conditions and best practices in the Njombe and Makete Districts.

April 20, 2007.