The Mission of Highlands Hope Umbrella

Highlands Hope Umbrella organizations follow the protocols and support the priorities of Tanzania's National Aids Control Program (NACP) for patient care in rural settings, though with very limited local resources.

Nevertheless, the efforts of HIghlands Hope Umbrella organizations have touched thousands; they are leaders in the struggle for recognition that access to basic health care (including access to health information and to basic social services for patients and for vulnerable children) is a human right.

Highlands Hope of Tanzania works in partnership with local Njombe and Makete communities to support health care that takes into consideration physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual and social well being.

Highlands Hope members have taken as their mission to improve the quality of life of people infected and affected with HIV and AIDS in Njombe and Makete by a focus on mutual support, professional development, research and knowledge development, and solidarity with the people that they serve.

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