Highlands Hope technology partner Partec wins major innovation award

On Thursday, May 24th, 2007, the CyScope® mobile fluorescence microscope received the Innovation Award of the State Ministry of Economy and Employment in Dresden as "best contribution in biotechnology / life sciences" from among 72 competitors. The award was handed out by State Minister Thomas Jurk at a special ceremony.

The award recognizes Partec's achievement in having introduced the first mobile, battery-operated device for high sensitivity fluorescence microscopy. The CyScope® is ideally suited for very reliable TB and Malaria diagnostics at a price that represents a significant cost reduction for equipment and testing.

"We would like to use this opportunity to submit our deepest gratitude to all experts and scientists who have shown continuous confidence and trust in Partec," said Roland Göhde, Partec Essential Healthcare International Project Manager. "Our adapted technologies and dedicated diagnostic solutions are being recognized as essential and affordable tools in the fight against the three global killer diseases HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria."

The Partec website describes the CyScope® as "a new uniquely innovative microscope for fluorescence light detection employing incident UV light and transmitted light detection, simultaneously or in separate. It integrates the most recently available generation of powerful high-efficiency LED light sources with extremly long lifetime of several thousand of hours and highest efficiency as well as most sophisticated optics. For the first time, a fluorescence microscope is being offered battery-operated and mobile, designed for several hours of use completely independent from any regular power supply! The CyScope® is perfectly suited for all applications in light and fluorescence microscopy.

The CyScope® features a CCD camera connector (CCD camera upgrade, optionally available) for taking images of the slide for further investigation by image analysis software on PC (PC not included in system price).

The CyScope® is developed and produced in Germany following the long German tradition in manufacturing highest quality techniques in optics and microscopy. The unit price for the CyScope® is EUR 990.00, only."

For more information about CyScope® and othe Partec solutions, contact Roland Göhde at info@partec.com

Highlands Hope extends its congratulations to Partec, its trusted partner for the most effective cd4 and cd4% count technology. CyFlow® CD4 counters are the solution of choice at Highlands Hope clinics and hospitals.

June 2, 2007.