Highlands Hope Umbrella Seniors’ Day Centre continues programming

Edmund Munubi, Director of the TANWAT Company Hospital and member of the Board of the Highlands Hope Umbrella writes an update on the new Seniors' Day Centre:

Dear all,
Please find our January report on the Tanwat day center and sorry for the delay.
GROUP A: Friday 04/01/2013
GROUP 02: Monday 07/01/2013
A. Story/elders – discussions.

BIRDS – names and characteristics.
The discussion was led by George Sanga (Teacher)
By using pictures of birds in a book with swahili and bena names, elders were able to discuss some birds that they used to see years ago and some of them are no longer existing.

B. Lesson
Take off your shoes. By Ev Philipo Kilasi
A discussion leader wanted to test the ability of elders to understand indirect language in teachings or stories by using a Bible story of God talking to Moses asking him to take off first his shoes. Elders discussed that after a brief story that the shoes that Moses was supposed to take off were not physical shoes but God meant Moses to repent for all evils he did in Egypt. (After a hot discussion)

C. Gifts giving
Every one was given

  • 1kg of sugar
  • 1 bar of laundry soap
  • 1 umbrella


  • As more centre days go by, elders becomes more happy, cooperative and free to talk/discuss.
  • Elders health is improving each day (I personally thank Tanwat hospital staff, Tanwat management and the Day Center team for your work keep the spirit high).
  • Elders were surprised and pleased by being given umbrella as it was raining in all two meeting days.

Elders were given a chance to suggest some topics to be discussed in the coming meetings. The following were the suggestions:

  • People and Culture Vs Changes in culture (Tradition and customs)
  • Family planning (That was used before Vs the modern ways)

We really appreciate everyone for your encouragement and engagement for the welfare of the Njombe elders. Special thanks to Joyce Ngabire (nurse student from McGill) for her support and time she spent at the day center during her stay here in Njombe. Her effort have left a mark in the hearts of the seniors here. On behalf of the day center, we wish you (Joyce N) the best in life please come back again.


Edmund J Munubi

Team Leader.

This report has been prepared in collaboration with George Sanga (Teacher).