Highlands Hope works with The Foundation for Civil Society to address health services challenges in Njombe Tanzania

Efficiency gains for Public health service delivery in Njombe Tanzania is a project proposed by Highlands Hope Umbrella and Funded by The Foundation for Civil Society to be implemented in six months (October 2016 to March 2017). Under this project the expectations are to reach citizens around Njombe mjini division by inspiring better results in FCS sub result area on Effective Public Service Delivery focusing the Maternal and Child health service improvements. Training, Workshops, Debates and Discussions are some of the approaches used to reach the citizens and promote the improvement of Public health services delivery systems and structures with the following anticipated outcomes;

  1. Increased citizen participation on improving public health service delivery.
  2. Increased access and consistent quality and timeliness of public health services.
  3. Local government officials and health service providers are efficient, effective and responsive to citizens’ rights and needs/entitlements.