Exciting New Partnership for Highlands Hope of Tanzania

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is an advanced tertiary health care, research and education centre in Montreal affiliated with McGill University. McGill Nurses for Highlands Hope and the Canadian Friends of Highlands Hope have just received confirmation that the Nursing Executive Committee of the university-affiliated hospital has "unanimously agreed that the MUHC should be a partner in this (Highlands Hope), which gives hope for better health in a community and supports the local nursing leadership in effecting change.

Diane Borisov, chair of the Committee made specific reference to an interest by the Neuroscience mission in relation to neuropathic pain (a widespread and chronic effect of under-treated HIV) and offered specialty knowledge and resources from other missions.

The Committee has pledged that "the MUHC Nursing Department will support this initiative with content experts" and will explore with Highlands Hope the possibility of MUHC Nursing experts workng directly with their Tanzanian counterparts.

The McGill University Health Centre is one of North America's leading advanced health care centres and its Research Institute has the largest, most-cited concentration of medical and life science researchers in Canada.