New secondary school scholarships for AIDS orphans from Makete

The following E-mail was received and was read to the PIUMA Executive Committee and the members have been informed.

We are working out the formalities of how the recipient children be selected. It is expected that there might be an interview, however it is intended that the most disadvantaged and capable child will be awarded with the sponsorships.

Here is the translation of the E-mail from Mr. Rweyemamu:

Dear Jackson,

I wish to congratulate you for the efforts you are all doing with PIUMA.

As you you know, me and my wife we have opened a school at Ilula, in Kilolo district. As you know we are very much attached with people of Makete. Therefore we have we have decided to offer two chances for form one for the year 2008. We would extend this sponsorship to children who are either children of PIUMA members who are not in the position to afford education costs for them, or orphans who have been whose parents were PIUMA members.

It will be good if the children will be those who have passed their public/national standard seven examination but have failed to secure a chance in a public school or their pass mark are not very bad in such a way that they will fail to pass form two exam.

We would have been able to accept them this year, unfortunately we are still in the process of building a dormitory which we believe by January next year it will be completed. These children will be sponsored by us for all their educational requirements from school fees to uniforms. If they will pass Form II Exam, we shall continuing sponsoring for their expenses, if they will pass their form four Exams we shall continue sponsoring them.

Therefore, we are requesting that the PIUMA leadership start looking for Pupils who will have these qualifications. I think we have enough time so you may accomplish this. I again congratulate you in all you are doing. Though we have been quiet, we have been behind you.


The members have received this offer with two hands and they will write their appreciation letter to Mr. Muhingo and his family soon after finishing with the consideration of the offer in all their relevant committees.

Jackson Mbogela