Seniors’ Day Centre May meetings

GROUP A: Monday 13/05/2013
GROUP B: Friday 17/05/2013

Elders asked to watch a KYOFE choir video that is going was lunched in the early of June. They enjoyed and started to dance as they always like singing and dancing.

Then after they shared what was discussed in the past discussions, Betty lead them to discuss about the past discussions and as usual those who tried to remember were motivated by small gifts.

It was to be discussed in April visit, it was a time now where elders were excited to share a lot abou FAMILY PLANNING. They proposed that they will discuss ways that they used to plan their families in the past.
The discussion hints were:
- What do they understand about family planning?
- What were the ways used by elders to plan their families?
- What do they suggest should be proper way to plan families?
It was very interesting that elders they gave a good meaning of family planning. The most interesting part was when they discussed about ways they used to plan their families, they to came to conclusion that it is better for the current generation to use the modern ways since those used by our fathers are not friends to current life styles. George promised to prepare a simple book for their discussion so that people could read and learn. TANWAT Hospital doctor CHAPA also discussed with elders asking them some questions and answering some of their questions.

· Elders proposed that on the next visit we should discuss about DISEASES, CURE AND TREATMENT in the past.

C. Gifts giving
Every one was given
· 1kg of sugar
· 1 bar of laundry soap

NB: No one was reported to be serious sick, they are all doing better as days goes. Treatment are still provided freely for all registered elders.

(We real thank TANWAT hospital and All friends of Highlands Hope for their support).
This report was prepared by Tanwat Day Center Team