Students from Bishop’s University investigate situation of orphans in Njombe

Kathryn Hansen and Ariane Desmarais-Michaud from Bishop's University are partners with the Kibena Women's Association and Kibena Youth in a month-long study of the situation of orphans in Njombe.

This is the second year in an ongoing partnership that links Highlands Hope affiliated groups with the Political Studies department of Bishop's University ( in Canada. In 2009, Lucie Imbeau and Micah Orr did a baseline study of the home living conditions of HIV orphans supported by the Kibena Women's Association. George Sanga from the Kibena Youth organization was also a critical researcher in this effort.

This summer, the Bishop's students will be evaluating the sources of support that orphans and vulnerable children at Ramadhani School in Njombe can count on to survive.

These efforts are designed to inform advocacy efforts with local officials and to ensure that children needing support receive it from all sources currently available in Njombe.

The month long study will lead to ongoing representations on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children by the Kibena Women's Asscoiation who are co-sponsors of the study effort with TD Bank, Meloche-Monnex.