Update from Ariane and Kathryn in Njombe


We are finishing up our second week at Ramadani School and our project is progressing along at a great pace. We have almost interviewed half of the OVC's we have selected to interview (about 50 so far) and have also started several home visits.

These visits have been difficult on an emotional plane however, we feel that the information that we gather will greatly help us in understanding the data that we have already collected from the children.

On a lighter note, the students at the school have taken a great liking to us, and you will often see us playing football or skipping with them on their lunch hour. Needless to say it is valuable time spent well!

Next week we hope to complete student interviews and move out into the community.

That's it for us this week! Hopefully we will have more exciting news to report next week!

Ariane and Kathryn