World AIDS Day marked at the McGill School of Nursing

Christina Clausen, the first holder of a McGill Nurses for Highlands Hope Fellowship, gave a series of slide presentations and readings from her personal journal written during her two month study visit to Highlands Hope in Njombe, Ikonda and Bulongwa.

The series was sponsored by the McGill School of Nursing and organized by Professor Madeleine Buck. Christina spoke movingly about the challenges facing nurses in Tanzania in the face of the HIV pandemic and about the courage and hope shown by the nurses, other health professionals, HIV activists and patients that she met.

Christina's assessment of next steps for the Highlands Hope partnership is being prepared for consideration by the McGill School of Nursing and Canadian Friends of Highlands Hope.

Prof. Buck also circulated a guest book, inviting participants to write messages of greetings to Highlands Hope nursing leader Betty Liduke and to her colleagues in the Highlands Hope nursing network.